GTIN no longer editable after the first save

We want to facilitate xyxle data sharing. The reason why this change was implemented is to avoid some misunderstandings for the data receiver.

In the past, the field M017: GTIN was editable, but now your first saved entry cannot be modified.

The previous situation

The problem that was fixed is the following: if a GTIN was changed, we had the following effect: A CIN receiver (Markant, Coop) received the item with a new GTIN and created a new item. The old one was not discontinued because the receiver did not receive a discontinued message.

The situation after the change

If the GTIN can not be changed anymore, the user is forced to clone the item, add the new GTIN to the clone and set a discontinued date for the “old” version with the old GTIN. If the user is doing his job perfectly, he is also adding the old GTIN to the new item in the field M014 (replaced GTIN).