So far all articles in xyxle have been divided into different product groups (food, animal feed, …). Depending on the product group, corresponding attribute sets were displayed. These groups have been removed from xyxle.

From now on articles will be divided by a GPC brick.
This way you define the product family for each article and the corresponding attribute sets are displayed for the product.
(GPC: “10000276 Wines” -> Attribute Set: “Alcoholic Beverages”)

What is the GPC Brick?
Help text for GPC (Global Product Classification)

You need to define a GPC brick for each newly opened product and each product you want to change.

Open a new article:
If you can’t find a GPC for your product, you can give it a general classification with “99999999 – Temporary Classification”. All attribute sets will then be displayed for this product.

A newly opened article cannot be viewed by any contact. To make it visible, select: “Visible for all contacts” or “Visible only for contact selection:”.

Product groups in “Access rights own articles”.
“Release access rights for product group” is no longer used. You can release it as usual at product level.